Winsor brand

Professional products for home use

At Windsor we have years of experience developing innovative hair and beauty products aimed at industry professionals. With this acquired experience and thanks to our relationship with the Taurus Group, we've created a line of products for home use with all the features of the best appliances available.

Our motto: usability, comfort, power and professional results within everybody's reach.

Professional results, every day

Winsor innovation and quality

Our commitment to creating, designing and manufacturing hair and beauty products is backed up by over 30 years' experience. Over these 30 years, we've dedicated all our efforts to creating innovative, modern and high-quality products for professionals.

Our R+D Department develops products for home use designed to meet the most demanding professional standards. The result are long-lasting, efficient products with unbeatable quality.

Winsor products meet European standards of health and safety, and are duly examined, studied and tested before being released onto the market.

Innovation with experience

Product guarantee

All Winsor products come with a 24-month guarantee. During this period we will take care of all technical problems and repairs for free. If you have any problems with your Winsor product outside of this period, there are various authorised technical support points you can go to, or you can contact our Customer Service department.

Professional products, professional service

Product Care

Winsor products require a certain level of care. Here are some basic guidelines:

  1. Fold the product cable as it was when you first opened the product to avoid it deteriorating.
  2. Clean your Winsor products regularly with cold water and with the appliance unplugged from the mains. All you need to do is wipe it down with a damp cloth or the cleaning utensils that come with the appliance.
  3. Whenever you travel with your Winsor product, check the voltage and plugs that are used in the country you are visiting.
  4. Winsor products are electrical appliances. Do not dip them in, or leave them near water, make sure you unplug them after use and remember that many products reach high temperatures, meaning they may cause burns if not handled correctly.

We recommend you check the product's instruction booklet and take a look at the FAQs section. If you need more information, do not hesitate to get in touch with us.